by Daydream Jared

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Conversations is the second EP from Daydream Jared.


released December 12, 2014

All songs written by Jared Olivas, featuring performances by Din Huerta (Fender Rhodes, flute), Terryn Turner (percussion), Andy Evens (saxophone, percussion), Chrissa Terrel (vocals), Ricardo Gutierrez (percussion), and Ian Brown (noise, bass guitar).

Recorded and produced by Ricardo Gutierrez and Ian Brown at Caisson Box.

Mixed by Ricardo Gutierrez.

Mastering engineer: Bruce Brown (Puget Sound Studios)



all rights reserved


Daydream Jared Portland, Oregon

Sci-fi dreampop blend of acoustic, synth, and fuzz. Loop inspired hypnosis. Easy on the ears.

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Track Name: Seen through a Lens
I passed out in the corner
Wasted, sloppy, drunk, and slurring
Words they feel like weights of frozen glass
Full of everything that's in the past

You are so transparent
Waiting, open up your shutter
Your tiny little sensors must be cold
They filter everything that doesn't glow

If there's a way across this feeling let me know
I know, you're all I know.
Track Name: About Make Believing in Tiny Things
Oh, it's funny how
You wanted a dark corner to guard the room
So now we just sit in the dark
And worry about saying too much, too soon

Boy, there's nothing to hide
And nothing too far, you follow your heart to the moon

I know, it's so easy to hide
What's broken inside surely will die on the moon

Don't... don't fall for me
I'm not gonna fix what's broken inside of you

Though I will never see your face again
I will dream from far off places
Where if's and when's turn into sacred—
I'll make believe in tiny fingers that held—
That night, I wished you told me
I'm never gonna see your face again
Track Name: In Planets, in People
Stay up late, stay in my head
I don’t mind, you’re nice, so nice
Talking to me you don’t make any sense
I don’t care, I like your voice
You tell me it’ll be ok
I trust you, but you’re delirious, k?

I am stuck inside your eyes
Please don’t blink, I like your view
Wells of deep and hidden life
Surge beneath my callous heart
Draw me up and pull me in
Dreams and fears come pouring out
Flow my tears a gentle way
In this dream my friend was rain
Now I see so clearly
So please stay delirious, k?
Track Name: [Rainbow Reprise]
Track Name: The Part of the Movie (I wasn't expecting)
I need a safe landing (settle down)
I'm feeling heavy (settle down)
Home is inside me (settle down)

Earth is so different (oh yea)
Why even worry (oh yea)
You thought that we could be (oh yea)
Still with the silence (oh yea)

Here comes the sad part (I like the sad part)
Track Name: [Conversations]
Track Name: Tried to speak to me about understanding and I had none
I am the end
Didn’t you know I’d have to end
I gave you you me
I gave everything
You haven’t got a clue

I heard you laugh
And I felt you cry
When you said you loved me, pause the frame
Now don’t try to rewind
You know, it won’t be the same

I am the end
Didn’t you know I’d have to end